Thursday, February 24, 2011

Makeup I'm In Love With 2

Ok so recently I bought a crap ton of makeup from E.L.F. for half price! I love their makeup soooo much. Their makeup comes in smaller quantities, but is dirt cheap, so you can't really be mad. They had a sale where if you spent at least $20 you got 10 mineral eye shadows for free! you heard me right...FREE! I jumped on that deal the first chance I got. So far I really like how they look, and they blend extremely well!

So here are the things I got, and a small description...
 I bought 3 eyeshadow brushes from E.L.F. I got the contour brush, small precision brush and eyeshadow brush. They are extremely soft and apply makeup fabulously. The contour brush blends wonderfully and I am in love with!
The mineral eye shadows are gorgeous! They come in a pretty small container but with mineral shadows, they tend to last a lot longer. I got ten different shades, all of which are shimmery and fabulous!
 When it comes time to "take off your face", these wipes work really well. Added bonus, they smell pretty good too!

 So, I wasn't too sure about this when I bought it, but now I am a believer. It's a spray that you put on your face after your makeup is applied that keeps your skin moisturized so your makeup looks better and your face never looks dry.
 I bought the blush in this white/pearly shade and I use it as a highlighter. I love the way it looks, makes your face look luminous. 
 This is the same blush, in a peachy coral shade. Looks fab on and is a nice spring color.
 This smokey eye palette is from Coastal Scents and was only $22.95. I thought I was taking crazy pills, I wasn't sure this company was legit because the prices are too good to be true! I love all the colors and am having so much fun playing with combos.
This palette is also from Coastal Scents. This is the blush/contour palette. I ABSOLUTELY love love love this and use it every day!
MAC Viva Glam lipstick is THE perfect nude lipstick. It is my go to now, I wear it almost every day, I am in love :)

Well there you have it my beauties, enjoy!

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