Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Easy Updo

I have found an easy updo that literally takes 5 minutes and is so adorable. I thought I would share it with you!

Step 1: Pull your hair back like you're going to do a half pony tail. Securely bobby pin the hair half up. 

 Step 2: roll the remaining hair up towards the pinned section and pin the roll in place.

 Step 3: pull hair from both sides and bring it around to the top and secure with bobby pins.

 When you are finished you can play with it a little to get it how you like. I like it a tad messy, so I pulled at it in parts and left some hair down in the front. Have fun!

Kim K look

Ok, so I was obsessed with the look I posted yesterday of Kim K. I just HAD to try it out today. I knew I would obviously look nothing like her, but we all can dream right? So here is my Kim K inspired makeup look :)

 I didn't go as bright pink on the lips but picked a shade I felt flattering that would still go with everything.

I also don't have big gorgeous eyes like Kim so my eyeliner is thinner than she wore hers, but still dramatic :)

                I had so much fun doing this look! Can't wait to try a new one tomorrow... stay lovely!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday looks

Here are some ideas for holiday glam! I will definitely be trying some of these looks for my holiday festivities :)
Ok Kim K is totally gorgeous. I won't look anything like her with my pale skin, but I love the pink lips with neutral eyes and thick liner!

Here we see a smokey eye with minimal blush and berry lips. I love love love this look! I will for sure be trying this look out soon :)

First of all I absolutely LOVE Emma Stone. I want to be her BFF. On a less creepy note, I love this look. Minimal makeup in pretty neutrals. Nude lips with peachy pink blush and natural eyes. Gorgeous, simple, elegant!

I can't wait to try these gorgeous looks! Stay lovely!

Halloween 2011

I know Halloween was months ago, but obviously I am behind. I finally talked my husband into doing a couple's costume this year! We decided to go as Roger and Jessica Rabbit. We had a blast and this was by far my favorite costume as of yet. I had so much fun doing the makeup for Jess R and thought it turned out pretty good. Here are some pics from Halloween :)

I'm Alive I promise

Wow, I can't believe I haven't posted in months! Mommy hood has literally been eating what spare time I've had. My little angel is now 16 months old and turning into quite the stylish diva. She's going to give me a run for my money I tell ya!

 I promise to post more often from now on, AT LEAST once a month. I hope it will be more often than that, but we shall see what happens. Sorry to keep all of you lovelies waiting!

Monday, June 20, 2011

June Favorites :)

Hello my lovelies!
     Sorry it has been so long since I blogged. I got lost in mommy hood, the gym, my husband and all things "housewife". Summer is finally here and let me just give it a big loud "WELCOME!!!!" I'll keep this short, sweet and to the point. Here are a few of my new favorite things...

    L'oreal Paris Magic Smooth Souffle. I am IN LOVE with this foundation. I was a tad skeptical at first, I thought I would go through it in a few days because it doesn't look like you get that much. I was completely proven wrong...a little goes a long way with this stuff and the foundation goes on so smoothly. 
Mac Lucent Mineralize Sheersheen Powder. This is one of the best highlighting powders I have ever used. It works perfectly for the "fresh dewy" look. It is beautiful...seriously!

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner in "Thunder Storm". I always used pencil eyeliners before, but I am a huge fan of gel eyeliners now. For me, the application is easier (as long as you have a stiff angled brush) and it really does last all day.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Mineral Rich Loose Powder Makeup in "Intensity 2.0". On days I feel like wearing a mineral makeup, I usually reach for this one. The coverage is amazing and it never feels caked on or clumpy like some powders can. Love it...just love it.

Elf Mineral Lipsticks! They are so lovely on and super cheap so you can get every color without guilt :)

Well those are my favorites for June! Enjoy :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My First Wedding

I was fortunate enough to do the makeup for a friend of mine at her sister's wedding. I did 3 bridesmaids, the bride, mother of the bride, and mother of the groom. It was a great experience and I had so much fun doing it! Sorry if I have been a tad M.I.A. lately, just been busy with Zumba, my baby girl, and makeup. Very good things to be busy doing, but I promise more posts are to come in the future :) That's all for now, have a great day!