Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bed time blues


       Lola is just barely 6 months old now. Time has flown by so fast and she is growing and learning new things every day! We've just begun bed time rituals with her so that she can soothe herself to sleep. Up until now we have been rocking and singing her to sleep, then placing her in her crib. This week we have started changing that up so that we can have a smoother bed time for both Lola and us. Our routine begins with bath time, followed by a bottle, then a few books and off to the crib. We are weaning Lola off of pacifiers as well as establishing a bed time routine. Lola won't take a pacifier unless she's going to bed, so hopefully it won't be too difficult. We're on day 3 of this new bed time routine and so far so good. The hardest part is hearing her cry until she falls asleep. Since we're putting her in her crib awake so that she can help herself fall asleep, she gets angry and cries for about 10-20 minutes before calming down and allowing herself to fall asleep. I know what we're doing is good for her (and us) in the long run, but it's just hard to listen to your baby cry. My only hope is that at some point she will get used to this routine and go in her crib without crying. Since we've started this new plan, Lola has slept so much better and her naps have been longer. 

      I am so glad that Troy and I are on the same page when it comes to parenting. We are only in the beginning of our parenting adventure together, but so far we have agreed on almost everything, and negotiated everything else. It really makes a difference to work together as opposed to each of us trying our own techniques and undermining the other.


  1. Ahh cute. Well you guys are doing the right thing. I am so proud of you guys!! :)

  2. Thanks! We're trying to do all the right things. I feel like I may have been spoiling her a bit so bedtime was hard because I would rock her until she fell asleep, and it would take FOREVER sometimes!

  3. OH gosh, I could only imagine. I am sure that has to be so hard. Not having experience in that I wouldn't know...but I could only imagine.